Why have an HVAC service contract?

Air conditioning and heating systems degrade over time, causing them to work harder to produce an acceptable comfort level. This means your electric bills will slowly grow higher than normal. These systems last longer and are less expensive to repair when they are regularly inspected and serviced. Most air conditioner failure calls we receive in the dead of summer could have been avoided with a simple system check in the spring.

"Many emergency service calls we receive in the summer could have been avoided with a simple system check that spring." - Phil Granier

What does the service contract include?

We will contact you twice a year when maintenance is due.  You also receive 10% discount off your service needs.   It couldn’t be easier.

Our service agreement inspections include (where applicable):

  • Visual inspection for air quality issues like mold or mildew
  • Filter inspections
  • Fan motor inspection/testing/lubrication
  • Inspect indoor coil (if accessible)
  • Condensation drain inspection/cleaning
  • Condenser coil & inspection & cleaning
  • Refrigerant pressure check
  • Disconnect box inspection
  • Inspect/tighten electrical wiring, connections & contacts
  • Inspect service valves for leaks
  • Check blower wheel balance
  • Test compressor for proper voltage & amperage draw
  • Check the furnace heat exchanger for carbon monoxide leaks

Hours of service
All visits performed under this plan must occur during regular hours. Regular hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7:30 am till 6 pm. Saturday 7:30 till 2pm. Overtime rates may apply to service visits performed outside of regular hours and on holidays.

Maintainable Condition
This plan assumes the equipment is in maintainable condition. Should repairs or replacement be found necessary upon initial inspection, recommendations for required repairs or replacements will be submitted to the owner for approval before any work is done.

Is a service agreement worth the price?

Yes! Studies show preventative maintenance more than pays for itself in energy savings. Maintaining your air conditioner and heater reduces its degradation rate and allows your equipment to run better and closer to its original condition at a lower cost to you.